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Dec 5, 2013 10:30am PST
population that is the risk of publicly bulgaria is one of these mice to impoverished countries with katie hoff its population living christ the bread on remind me that isn't far behind but for active can find it hard to make ends meet. unveiled at grace just a nice idea to fit the descent of the population struggle to meet financial demands and among the other major economies people entering and staying that they have crafted the same proportion of people under pressure from posh disparate images at more than a call to the gop's can all visit to the banking rang my essential provisions of the back to the fifties or sth. marco use to workers the pto many italians use to quote the board and skill which would always get the work n roll. but it didn't hold true for local one day he was sacked and has not been quiet since he's been living on the street for about four years now and says that forty six he sees little chance of fixing his life. yes this not to review his identity. we all when you live on the street survival is what takes up most of your time simply gets in the showers a challenge
Dec 9, 2013 10:30am PST
the country to the pool katie has been speaking to police officials he's urging them not to carry out what he calls it illegal orders he saying that this is a psychological ploy being used by the oath ortiz and urging the protest is not to respond to what he calls a provocation the market today it's for central kiev metro stations are also close to them i mixed up because all the forms of palms get it as a model so in the out the last hour or so the president that to get a cut that is set to meet with three for my ukrainian president of the costs of this week. late on tuesday in fact trying come to a political solution to this crisis or the moment we are simply waiting to see what happens next for them the next wave is by the protest is on those committees that have gathered in despite calls from the opposition for the protest on the protest is to remain peaceful and sunday it gets a stamp on a mosque men carry naturalistic dogs bark sped down the statute monument to an end here in the center of kiev as my colleague every negative to reports the new road and smashed the statue one
Dec 6, 2013 5:00pm PST
floundering. this is the first reports of these payday the book mike the high risk high stakes katie machines. the thing the thing the uk industry or for that idiot parents eta of staying out of the two short fix faults to serve. i'm an ox machine and the best in show. aaron to comply. relax until the sea lions dolphins and get back to two hundred quid for twenty seconds twenty seconds repeat cycle every twenty seconds. sure people aren't buying items for the moment you can freeze the dough will all lose three pounds house my children my wife my job. my self esteem hudson regional before i actually feel like a sponge is actually on top of the seventy thousand and five gathering eggs in minutes with the number of faulty machines the heights the best shots. i love to have to fold it seems the only city in the sloth of a and the difficulty is that it's a safe differences that make this as a symbol of the trade of conduct aimed at encouraging the safety of its possible to haiti via the lead singer evidence that among some reading twice the rate is. everyone seems to be quite sticky by th
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3